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When traffic is bad and fuel is expensive, delivery will be popular

To be clear, food delivery is nothing new. Foodpanda has been bringing me my favorite rice toppings for years now. But when a transport network company — one that can’t even sort out the many problems confronting its taxi service — starts doing it, you have to believe that there is serious money to be made from fetching grub for lazy people. Especially in an environment where traffic is bad and fuel is expensive. Incidentally, Grab also launched its grocery delivery service in Singapore this week. You can bet your annual budget for chips and dips that Grab Philippines is likewise preparing to introduce it in our territory. Imagine not having to shed your bathrobe in order to replenish the refrigerator. All for a fee, of course. But who cares? At least you won’t have to crawl through traffic, pay for fuel and parking, and miss the Wimbledon or World Cup championship match. Delivery service will only get more popular as motor-vehicle traffic gets worse.

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